About Cyrillic Wear

I believe in alternatives. Cyrillic Wear is unique stylish urban t-shirts, a true alternative to Russian t-shirts that are on the market today. I have used Cyrillic letters as design elements to create these limited t-shirts for men and women. It should not matter if one speaks, reads or understands Russian language – because Cyrillic Wear is a statement of design and style.
I have shipped my t-shirts around the globe (China, England, Canada and even Russia) and the feedback has been amazing. It is my please to provide my customers with the best quality products, great communication and fast shipping on all Cyrillic Wear t-shirt orders.
Is there a way to wear stylish clothing and represent one's heritage in a creative and interesting way? Now there will be. With Cyrillic Wear, you can kiss good bye your "Vodka Connecting People" or "Proud to be Russian" t-shirts and other apparel. The new generation of Be Proud and Wear It Too is here.

The world is not going to turn, but it will change with our everyday wear styles. We are here. Cyrillic Wear.

Cyrillic Wear - Russian T-shirt


Cyrillic Wear

Be Proud and Wear It Too!

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Cyrillic Wear

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Cyrillic Wear

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